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We provide trailer servicing and detailed inspections so your vehicle is safe to drive in our harsh Central Australian environment. Service schedules can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.



  • Trailer servicing and repairs – from the family box trailer to heavy mining tippers, fuel or bulk liquid tankers.
    With particular attention paid to the suspension, chassis, braking systems and wheel ends we ensure your trailer is safe. We also check tow couplings for wear & tear, replace or adjust them if required and all points are greased.
  • EBS/ABS diagnostics, installations and repairs
    We are an authorised WABCO service partner and our servicing team have completed training in the installation, repair and diagnostics of their EBS & ABS systems. Since July 2016, all heavy vehicles manufactured have been required to have a minimum anti-lock braking system fitted. Trailer EBS or TEBS has been the most common method of complying with the new standards.
  • We also retrofit older trailers with the new TEBS systems to satisfy other states or companies requiring this for carting dangerous goods.
  • 2.5 year and 5 year Hydro Testing
    When it comes to hydro testing we adhere to the Australian Dangerous Goods code, which is required by the SafeLoad program for Pass-2-Load certification.
  • Degassing/Fuel tanker repairs
    Fuel and oil tanks are de-gassed using the wet steam method, which allows us to circulate the contaminated water through a fuel/oil separator and reuse. Degassing this way keeps our environmental impact as low as possible with oils returned for recycling.
  • Wheel Alignments
Using the Josam Laser AM wheel aligning system, we can perform wheel alignments on most medium to heavy vehicles and trailers. This service will improve your tyres life, along with improving handling of the vehicle both on and off road.




  • Hose testing
    We test all hoses against the latest Australian Dangerous Goods standard, tag and also provide a certificate of compliance.
  • Heavy vehicle registration inspections
    We are qualified to provide registration inspections for:
    • Light trailers under 4.5 tonne GVM
    • Heavy trailers over 4.5 tonne GVM
    • Vehicles over 4.5 tonne GVM
    • Plant type vehicles, including loaders, graders and road rollers
  • 6 month SLP “PASS 2 LOAD” inspections
    We are also accredited to complete SLP inspections, which is required for a tanker to load at participating terminals.
  • SLP Accreditation
    We have current SLP accreditation, which ensures we meet certain safety, training, record keeping and environmental standards.

We have the only private road train compatible shed and the largest Road Train storage yard in Alice Springs.