Tank Cleaning

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Tank cleaning from 205L drums to oil refinery & fuel tankers.

Eliminate sludge build up, contaminants, rust particulates and save money on inefficient machines & degraded fuel with regular tank cleaning!

Our GamaJetX system can fit through a small 4” opening and clean a 55,000L tank in one go. This automated system eliminates the need for confined space entry, making the process faster, safer and more affordable than manual cleaning.

AnK Engineering can also carry out maintenance, repairs, sand blasting and painting as required.

Tank Cleaning


Servicing all tank types;

  • 205L drums
  • DEF systems
  • Totes & IBC’s
  • Storage tanks
  • Refinery tanks
  • UST’s & AST’s
    Tank — AnK Engineering in Alice Springs, NT

    Safely removes 100% of all

    • Sludge & contaminants
    • Rust particulates
    • Algae
    • Microbial Growth