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Ensuring a safe workplace
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Maintaining high safety standards is a high priority at AnK Engineering. To achieve this we ensure that we comply with all relevant health and safety legislation. We also keep all staff qualifications and safety tickets up to date.

All staff are aware and encouraged to identify potential health, safety and environmental hazards. Which are then eliminated, or reduced as far as is practical and monitored by our health and safety officer.



  • Confined Space & B.A. Training
    • This ensures employees are safe in spaces with poor ventilation where hazardous atmospheres may develop quickly.
  • Working At Heights
    • People operating EWPs with boom lengths exceeding 11 metres need an appropriate certificate of competency. Relevant AnK Engineering staff have this certification from Eagle Training Services; adhering to the rules and guidelines of NT WorkSafe.
  • White Card
    • Before any of our trade certified employees or bush crew are permitted on site, they are required to have a White Card.
  • Site Specific & Government Inductions
    • These inductions for site-specific work carried out by our staff are undertaken either online or onsite
  • Advanced 4WD Training
    • All bush crew staff have completed the Advanced 4WD training courses provided by Central Australian Driving School (CADS)
  • First Aid Certificates
    • Our managers Darren and Geoff both currently hold their Senior First Aid certificates through St Johns Ambulance.
  • Atmospheric Testing
    • Evaluation of the hazards of the permit space and verification that acceptable conditions exist for entry into that space. See more here
  • Initial Response and Rescue Training