CNC Plasma Cutting

Fast, precision pipe & sheetmetal cutting
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From small custom designs to large industrial projects and repetitive manufacturing purposes AnK Engineering’s CNC plasma table cutting services are fast and economical.


The large cutting bed on our Samson CNC Plasma table is able to hold full sheets up to 1.5x3m for large industrial components. And with precision cutting speeds up to 8000mm per minute we can cut the lag time on detailed or repetitive projects!
  • Accurate geometric shapes
  • Mechanical & industrial components
  • HVAC fittings & ducts
  • Sheet metal & pipe cutting
  • Wear plates
  • Custom CAD software designs
  • Pipe notching
  • Excavator buckets
  • Detailed metal art
  • Signage & marketing
  • BBQ/fire pits
  • & more!

Cutter — CNC Plasma Cutting in Alice Springs, NT
Cutter — CNC Plasma Cutting in Alice Springs, NT
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